Fraud Collaboration

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies routinely uncover health care fraud schemes involving Durable Medical Equipment (DME) that were not medically necessary or were never received.

Be diligent in identifying sudden increases in medical spending across your ACO. Specifically, be sure to review Part B DME claims. Be suspicious of any DME claims with an ordering provider who the patient has never seen before. If a specific claim seems unusual or medically unnecessary, report the concern for review. Timely reporting of suspicious claims can result in fraudulent claims being removed, reducing the penalty to your ACO and performance payments.

When a suspicious DME claim has been identified reach out to the impacted patients to determine if they received the equipment. For each suspected DME provider, a minimum of 7 patients must confirm that they did not receive the equipment that was billed and paid by Medicare. After 7 signed attestations and 75% determined to be fraudulent have been collected, report suspicious companies to the SE UPIC contractor, Safeguard Services and the Office of the Inspector General.


Safeguard Services Phone: 954-988-2851


Disclaimer: This post is for indicted or confirmed fraudulent companies only.  Do not report overuse or suspected fraud.  The Florida UPIC defines fraud as at least 7 patient signed attestations that they did not receive services rendered and billed to Medicare.  Click here for a template that you may use to send to patients. 

If patients ask how to report a complaint, guide them to the OIG at: They can file a Complaint Online at: or call 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) TTY: 1-800-377-4950.

If you have any questions on the above process, feel free to reach out to Katy Brooks at

DME Fraud Alert:

Ademed Supplies Llc1063002970
All Health Medical Supply Corp1255957262
Always Medical Supply Llc1063010619
Angelica Medical Supply Corp1275158685
Ao Medical Equipment Llc1659960409
Beneficial Medical Supply Inc1588232276
Best Medical Supply Inc1003481540
Better Choice Medical Supply Inc1861086399
Careplus Med Supply Llc1053999888
Ccy Services Corp1326647033
Choice Med Supply Llc1235716481
Clean Medics, Llc1649864208
Coco Services & Solutions Inc1891392072
D & D Medical Supplies Llc1851978001
Del Prado Medical Supply Inc1235716606
Dme Plus Inc1336718642
Eclipse Medical Supplies Inc1255903951
Eddie’S Med Supply Llc1891399408
Express Rx Pharmacy Inc1376957811
Flexible Medical Supply Inc1841879897
Florida Usa Supplies Inc1902455959
Gba Services Inc1760017156
Healing Services Inc1891327839
Hope Of Life Medical Supply Corp1386259208
Horizon Med Supplies Llc1245848175
Intercoastal Medical Supplies, Inc1134790314
Jcd Medical Supply Llc1831764950
Lifestyle Med Supply Llc1366011223
Majestic Medical Supply Inc1295348266
Martinez Medical Supply Inc1407412489
Med Medical Supplies Corp1013590371
Medexpress Group Inc1558984229
Medlife Supply Llc1043827694
Msr Services Group Inc1962026658
Nahiko Systems Corp1962000208
New Med Supplies Llc1205443355
One Medical Services Corp1376189670
One Way Medical Llc1184234866
Pegasus Medical Supply Llc1588262828
Unlimited Med Supply Inc1306428636
Real Pharmacy Inc, 1376038554
Saffron Medical Supply Corp, 1295396307
Sandhill Medical Supply Inc., 1720695844
Semchudes Inc1588334684
Simply Med Services Llc1326614769
Snap Medical Equipment Inc1376138115
So Florida Medical Supply Group Inc1780228577
Sole Medical Supplies Llc1932780665
South Med Supplies Corp1427643352
Sunshine South Med Supply Llc1518635408
Taiku Services Inc1871178756
Tap Medical Supplies, Inc1518441120
Top Medical Supply Inc1679248223
Unlimited Med Supply Inc1306428636
Urhealth Corp1952981698
Way Care Health Solutions, Inc1043804412
Wellcare Medical Supplies, Inc1154906824
Yaso House Inc, 1497365225
Ycc Med-Supply Solutions Corp1629644117
Yf Services Inc1831774074
Yfr Services Corp1427728369
Yg Medical Supplies Inc1346845658
Fl. Medical Supplies Inc1598434094
Vp Priority Care Services Inc1891366464
Cmo Medical Supply Company Llc1518578293
Flexible Health Medical Supplies Inc1457025710
Kamaleco Services Corp1083386148
Mas Hme Services And Supplies Corp1093301269
The Blue Medical Supply Llc1922679075

Please use templates below to collect attestations:

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