About Us

Who Are We?

Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations (FLAACOs)

is the premier professional organization for accountable care organizations and healthcare leaders throughout Florida and beyond. We are bring together organizations that drive providers to work together to increase quality of care delivered to patients while significantly lowering medical costs overall. Driven by shared savings payment arrangements developed by both government and private sector payers we are witnessing and driving the fast growth of value-based models.

How Can I Join?

Our expansive group of members is organized in a vibrant network of state affiliate groups that
share a goal of working on behalf of accountable care healthcare professionals.

FLAACOs encourages the exchange of diverse opinions and to further discussion, dialogue, and reflection of topics relevant to the movement towards value-based care. Our members stay up to date with industry trends through the FLAACOs newsletter and receive the latest research-based ideas to inspire and inform their service options. We provide an opportunity to network with physicians and other healthcare leaders from around the state of Florida and beyond.

Members have the ability to participate in discussions throughout the year, join topic specific FLAACOs committees, attend the FLAACOs Annual Conference, in addition to education based members-only meetings throughout the year.

All members receive reduced rates for our conferences, professional networking events and development opportunities.  We are your opportunity to rub shoulders with leading luminaries in healthcare reform. 

Our History


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