Achieve Better Cost Savings and Post-Acute Quality Outcomes through Analytics

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PointRight has been a strong advocate – 20 years and counting – for the use of data to improve post-acute care quality. Without it, post-acute care organizations are flying blind. ACOs are increasingly relying on this data to build, monitor and manage high performing networks. Our work with ACOs shows that there is a continuum in the use of SNF analytics depending on where the ACO is in its evolution.

ACOs getting started use SNF analytics to compare SNFs and build their networks or assess existing Post-Acute Care (PAC) networks. Using the right analytics, these ACOs can identify the post-acute facilities that offer the best partnership value, see true, current comparisons of one skilled nursing facility from another, and mitigate the limitations of the Five Star Rating systems. Using PointRight products, one organization was able to identify 60 high performing SNFs out of 130 SNFs in their geographic region and developed a “smart network” versus a narrow network. This resulted in a 44% decrease in SNF PMPY spend.

The next step on the continuum for an ACO is to leverage clinical data to drive network performance. Emerging best practices show that ACOs rely on clinically structured data sets specifically the Minimum Data Set, (MDS), a comprehensive patient assessment (CMS Federal mandatory assessment) and timely data that’s current and actionable. With these insights, ACOs are better able to identify the right placement for the right patient at the right time, and monitor population health outcomes and trends. For example, a PointRight client equipped with these insights realized an 8.3% improvement in their rehospitalization rates while mitigating 193 rehospitalizations, which avoided $2.5 million in costs. The average SNF in the Collaborative improved quality by 7% in the first year.

ACOs who are more advanced in their use of analytics to drive network performance are starting to investigate the use of predictive analytics to manage risk at the patient level. These analytics let ACOs address gaps in care using real-time, patient specific clinical data. This is key to ensuing proactive intervention and helps predict and prepare readiness for safe transitions to community – length of stay is a key metric for all post-acute providers.

No matter where you are in your journey, PointRight can help. Interested in learning more about how PointRight’s analytics can help build, monitor and manage high performing networks? Please email me directly at and I’ll contact you to set up time to demo our analytics solution. PointRight is also offering a webinar on January 22 at 2pm, “Predictive Analytics is the Antidote to Five Star’s Bitter Pill”, that will address ways to overcome the limitations of Five Star for ACO’s network development and management. Sign up here to join us for this informative session.

Sharon Fisher, Chief Development Officer