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Day 1: 11/3

The COVID-19 lawsuit epidemic: How vaccine hesitancy is filling a lawsuit bubble no one saw coming…Sponsored by GenCo Legal

05:00-6:00The federal government’s recent requirements for employer mandated vaccination have exponentially heightened the risks providers now face of both employment related and future vaccine complication lawsuits including class actions. Worse yet, current insurance may not cover either.” Bryan Rotella, nationally recognized media legal analyst and the founder and managing partner of the health care industry specialist law firm GenCo Legal® discusses this new risk and how you and your group can bottle it up before it’s too late

Welcome Reception

6:00-8:00Sponsored by HealthCrowd Location: Bonnet Creek VII
Day 2: 11/4
Nicole Bradberry

Welcome Address

08:45 - 09:00
Brent Asplin, MD, MPH

Keynote Speaker

09:00 - 10:00

Break 1

10:00 - 10:15
Louis Morgenier
Nick Dodaro
Mike Shumer
Alejandro Perez-Trepichio, MD

TeleHealth – the Genie is out of the bottle and it doesn’t look like it is going back in!

10:15-11:00 A panel discussion on how to incorporate telehealth so that it complements, not replaces traditional health delivery settings.
Aman Chawla, MD
Chandresh Saraiya, MD
Emilio Dominguez, MD

Engaging and Enabling Physicians to Maximize Performance in the Most Advanced Forms of Risk

10:15-11:00At the core of success in value-based care is the physician. How healthcare organizations work collaboratively with their physicians to engage, enable, and empower them on the journey to value will largerly determine how far, how fast, and how well organizations can move to take on more advanced forms of risk

Break 2

11:00 - 11:15
Pam Brock, RN, BSN
Tamara Matos
Zack Caplan
Larry Jones

Aligning incentives in order to engage Primary Care Physicians and their office staff in value based care patient initiatives.

11:15-12:00A panel discussion on how to align incentives in order to treat the whole patient while managing access to care, including inpatient care and specialist referrals; and promoting chronic care stability and wellness.
Matt Lambert, MD
Andrew Chang
David Klebonis

Analysing the New vs Current CMMI Models to determine the Good, Bad and Ugly!

11:15-12:00All models aren't created equal so this discussion will go deep to determine the best fit for your organization to participate in.
Jeff Iasilli
Amy Kotch
Maria Nikol

Empowering Providers: Using Data to Enable Continuous Performance and Quality Improvement

12:00 - 1:00Join the Salient Healthcare team as they discuss the importance of empowering providers to be successful in value-based care models. It is imperative to provide timely and actionable information in the hands of clinical teams. Learn how to use data to enable continuous performance and quality improvement, which as of recent, has come to the forefront due to regulatory changes.
Randall Taubman, MD
Bob Trinh
Vik Saini
LeeAnn Anderson

Data is key when mastering value-based healthcare. How to create actionable information.

1:00-1:45This session discusses the strategies for making data actionable to solve the following: 1. Understanding the medical cost and quality opportunities 2. Developing programs around actionable opportunities and understanding when they are not. 3. Developing the rigor around program success versus final outcome metrics for cost and quality.
Phyllis Wojtusik
Brent Staton, MD
John Schmitt
Rachel Corbitt

How to successfully transition from fee-for-service medicine to value-based care.

1:00-1:45Value-based healthcare has been here for awhile now but there are still many providers who have barely scratched the surface. This panel discussion will address key concerns drawing on the expertise of several ACO/VBC executives who have become expert in this transition.

Break 3

Ed White
Matthew Goldman
Mike Segal
Kimberly Busenbark

The new Stark and Anti-kickback Statute Value-Based Regulations and what this means for entities taking risk.

2:00-2:45A discussion on the new Stark exceptions and Anti-Kickback Safe Harbors vs traditional waivers. These rules can allow ACOs to use the waivers on the commercial front through exceptions and safe harbors. This panel discussion will showcase the potential for new models with these rules.
Brandon Goldstein
Greg Shockey
Carl C. Schuessler, Jr.
Balford Francis

Direct to Employer and other Innovative Models.

2:00-2:45 As employers and other health care purchasers look for ways to make their health care benefits more efficient and affordable, it has created competing strategies from various stakeholders; health plans, healthcare systems, brokers, ACOs, private equities, etc. This panel discussion will bring together these stakeholders to understand how they view this new exciting area and what are some of the strategies and tactics that are leveraging.

Break 4

Kristi Short
Katie North
Craig Deligdish, MD
Sheila Fusé

Strategies to leverage PAC industry disruption to improve Post-Acute Care and Costs

3:00-3:45The post-acute and home-based care industry is under-going great change. Now is the time to refresh your strategies, review PAC provider relationships, and re-set partner expectations for future, mutual success. This session looks at how the PAC landscape is changing, the new strategies and operating models to explore in this environment to reduce post discharge costs, improve patient outcomes and elevate the patient experience. Achieving a connected, aligned and managed continuum of care is critical to performance success and the current environment creates new challenges and opportunities to navigate but also makes possible what may have previously aspirational.
Jane Simon
Travis Hoyt
Evan Carter
Andrew Chang

Patient engagement might be the ultimate “magic bullet” for driving health outcomes both quality and cost.

3:00-3:45Our panel experts will delve into strategies for maximizing engagement for delivering successful value-based healthcare.

Break 5

3:45 - 4:00
Brian Kern, Esq.
Michael Stubee
Rachel Corbitt
Sheila Fusé

To Move to Risk: Choice or Mandate?

4:00-4:45Is your strategy to negotiate full risk contracts with a percent of premium or to negotiate upside only contracts? Learn how to maximize your revenue and make the move to take risk before its mandated. This session looks at how to prepare for risk, what terms you can negotiate, ways to mitigate downside risk and steps to prepare to make the choice to embrace risk before its mandated. 
Tim Koehler
Bridget Roberts
Richard Lucibella

Covid came on like a Tsunami and the world may never be the same

4:00-4:45Covid came on like a Tsunami and the world may never be the same. When it comes to healthcare, our panel experts will discuss the most likely scenarios of how healthcare will be delivered and how patients will interact with the system. Also, what are the impacts to all stakeholders to the healthcare system such as payors, employers, family caregivers.

Break 6


Gold Sponsor Presentation

5:00-5:45Persivia Sponsored

Summer Nights Party

7:00-9:00NAVVIS Sponsored
Day 3: 11/5
Melissa Sherry, PhD, MPH
Jack Cochran, MD

Keynote Speaker

08:30 - 09:15

Break 1

09:15 - 09:30
Anthony J. Wehbe DO
Kenneth Peach
Kelly Conroy

It’s a PART-A-YY Panel – Hospital in your Home

10:30Notably, until recently, the use of hospital-level care at home programs has been limited in the United States despite studies that have shown that at home hospital services can be safer, less expensive, and more effective than traditional hospital care. Hospital care stands on the precipice of moving increasingly outside the hospital walls and into patients homes. How will this innovation work, and what will the influence be on reimbursement and ultimately the total cost of care?

Break 2

10:15 - 10:30
Erik Osland
Kavi Misri
Jeff Spight
Sarah Keenan

Reinventing Mental Health the value-based way!

09:30-10:15The mental healthcare system in the US is fragmented and currently seeing more patients with less access. One of the key drivers of traditional healthcare cost and poor outcomes is underlying unaddressed mental health issues. Never has there been a time where innovation is needed more! This panel of experts will discuss building a new front door to mental health, tight integration with primary care and cutting edge technology to bridge the gap in between.
Ruth Fricke
Ray Parzik
Michael Howell
Tom Nasby
Larry Jones

National Payor Value-based Contract Strategies

12:30 - 1:30Every year FLAACOs hosts a key executive from each of the national insurance payors so they can outline their upcoming value-based care network and contract strategies. Come listen to this expert panel and stay after to network with them.
Nicole Bradberry

Lunch-Platinum Sponsor

11:30 - 12:30Clover Health Sponsored