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Established in 1981, BioReference is the third largest full service laboratory in the US, offering a comprehensive list of laboratory testing servicesutilized by healthcare providers in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring and treatment of disease. The company operates a network of 14 laboratory locations across the Us, more than 200 Patient Service Centers and a courier dispatch service to manage specimen pickup. BioReference is certified with CAP, CLIA, Medicare and Medicaid, and supports HCFA-approved billing formats.

Contact: Scott Montgomery, VP Clinical Sales, smontgomery@bioreference.com 

Curant Health provides medication management programs and services that improve adherence, health outcomes and lives for chronically ill patients. www.curanthealth.com

Contact: Sean McCormack, Market Development Manager, smccormack@curanthealth.com

The Bennett Polypharmacy Profile (BPP) was developed by Cecil Bennett M.D., primary care physician and CEO of Primary Diagnostic Systems. The profile is a urinalysis that test for the most commonly prescribed drugs, over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements. Current urine drug screens (UDS) only screen for drugs of abuse or illicit drugs. For primary care physicians, the BPP is a valuable tool that can be utilized in the medical management of seniors, patients with chronic pain and patients with common medical issues that require the use of daily medication. This BPP will: -Dramatically improve verification of the medications patients are taking or not taking. -Reduce the risk of drug interactions by identifying medications in a patient’s system that were not prescribed by the physician. -Decrease the number of death and illnesses in the US due to polypharmacy and drug interactions. -Reduce potential medical litigation -Facilitate discussion with patients if the data report varies from the medications prescribed. www.PrimaryDiagnostic.com

Contact: Brian Bibb, Business Development Manager, bbibb@primarydiagnostic.com

ZeOmega provides HIE-enabled population health management solutions for any healthcare organization that assumes clinical and financial risk. Our comprehensive solutions help you achieve the desired health quality and cost outcomes for your patients while putting them at the center of a collaborative approach to healthcare management and delivery. Any organization seeking to improve outcomes, control costs, and increase patient satisfaction needs capabilities built on five essential pillars. www.zeomega.com

Contact: Rob Hamilton, Regional VP of Sales, rhamilton@zeomega.com

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